LU Wei, WANG Ting-ting, XU Hong-tao, CHEN Jian, YANG Mo. LBM Simulation of Double Diffusive Mixed Convection in a Porous Medium Composite Cavity[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2017, 38(7): 780-793. doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370175
Citation: LU Wei, WANG Ting-ting, XU Hong-tao, CHEN Jian, YANG Mo. LBM Simulation of Double Diffusive Mixed Convection in a Porous Medium Composite Cavity[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2017, 38(7): 780-793. doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370175

LBM Simulation of Double Diffusive Mixed Convection in a Porous Medium Composite Cavity

doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370175
Funds:  The National Natural Science Foundation of China(51406121)
  • Received Date: 2016-06-03
  • Rev Recd Date: 2016-12-05
  • Publish Date: 2017-07-15
  • Based on the coupled lattice Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook (CLBGK) model, the lattice Boltzmann method was used and the concentration distribution function was introduced to investigate the double diffusive mixed convection in a lid-driven composite cavity composed of a porous medium layer and the rest space full of pure fluid. At Ri=1.0, Le=2.0, Gr=104, Pr=0.7, ε=0.7, the influences of the porous layer locations and the buoyancy ratios(-5.0≤N≤5.0) on the double diffusive mixed convection in the porous medium composite cavity were studied at the pore scale. Results presented in the distribution diagrams of local and average Nusselt and Sherwood numbers at the high temperature and concentration wall of the cavity show the mixed convection rule.
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