ZHAO Wei-wen, WAN De-cheng. Detached-Eddy Simulation of Flow Past Tandem Cylinders[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2016, 37(12): 1272-1281. doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370546
Citation: ZHAO Wei-wen, WAN De-cheng. Detached-Eddy Simulation of Flow Past Tandem Cylinders[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2016, 37(12): 1272-1281. doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370546

Detached-Eddy Simulation of Flow Past Tandem Cylinders

doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.370546
Funds:  Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(51379125;51490675;11432009;51579145;11272120) and the Chang Jiang Scholars Program of China(T2014099)
  • Received Date: 2016-11-05
  • Rev Recd Date: 2016-11-27
  • Publish Date: 2016-12-15
  • In this paper, 2 detached-eddy simulation (DES) approaches, namely SST-DES and SST-DDES are implemented, integrated in to the naoe-FOAM-SJTU solver which is developed based on the open source platform OpenFOAM. Flow past 2 cylinders in tandem arrangement is selected as the benchmark case for the validation of the SST-DES and SST-DDES approaches. The experiment was previously conducted in 2 different wind tunnels at the NASA Langley Research Center. Time-averaged flow fields and some quantities of computational results are compared with experiments. In addition, the 3D instantaneous flow structures are also given and discussed. It is shown that the current implementation of SST-DES and SST-DDES is able to resolve some characteristics for massively separated complex turbulent flows.
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