XU Wentao, ZHANG Yanhui, TANG Guangwu, PAN Genji. Variable Damping Characteristics and a Dynamic Analysis Method for Magnesium Alloy[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2020, 41(12): 1297-1310. doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.410144
Citation: XU Wentao, ZHANG Yanhui, TANG Guangwu, PAN Genji. Variable Damping Characteristics and a Dynamic Analysis Method for Magnesium Alloy[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2020, 41(12): 1297-1310. doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.410144

Variable Damping Characteristics and a Dynamic Analysis Method for Magnesium Alloy

doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.410144
  • Received Date: 2020-05-19
  • Rev Recd Date: 2020-06-01
  • Publish Date: 2020-12-01
  • The damping characteristics of the GW63K magnesium alloy were studied by means of the dynamic thermomechanical analyzer (DMA) based on the viscoelastic damping theory. The magnitude, variation characteristics and dependence sensitivity of this magnesium alloy's damping were given from the angle of dynamic applications. For the first time the damping parameters of this type of magnesium alloy could be qualitatively described as variables in the dynamic analysis, and the damping change laws with the service environment temperature and excitation frequency were quantitatively given. For the nonlinear solution problem with variable damping in the dynamic system, the time-dependent manner of damping was established. Based on the pseudo excitation method, a quasi-non-stationary stochastic analysis method was built for stationary problems, and an efficient numerical analysis method for variable-damping problems of magnesium alloys under random vibration was proposed. Numerical and experimental verifications of the structural dynamic responses of magnesium alloy components were carried out respectively, to reveal the obvious difference between the analysis results based on constant damping and variable damping. The dynamic model based on variable damping gives results in better agreement with the experimental results. It is concluded that in the fields where high accuracy is required, the variable-damping model should be chosen to analyze the magnesium alloy material structure.
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