CHEN Hui, GUAN Ji-teng, FANG Wen-jing. Microscopic Mechanism of Periodical Electroosmosis in Reservoir Rocks[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2012, 33(10): 1189-1198. doi: 10.3879/j.issn.1000-0887.2012.10.005
Citation: CHEN Hui, GUAN Ji-teng, FANG Wen-jing. Microscopic Mechanism of Periodical Electroosmosis in Reservoir Rocks[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2012, 33(10): 1189-1198. doi: 10.3879/j.issn.1000-0887.2012.10.005

Microscopic Mechanism of Periodical Electroosmosis in Reservoir Rocks

doi: 10.3879/j.issn.1000-0887.2012.10.005
  • Received Date: 2011-11-21
  • Rev Recd Date: 2012-05-02
  • Publish Date: 2012-10-15
  • Based on the electric double layer (EDL) theory and the momentum equation governing the electroosmosis flow, an analytical solution to the periodical electroosmosis with a parallel straight capillary bundle model of reservoir rocks to reveal the microscopic mechanism of the electroosmotic flows in rocks was presented.The theory shows that both frequency dispersion characteristics of the macroscopic electroosmotic Darcy velocity in unsealed rocks and the electroosmotic pressure coefficient in sealed rocks depend on the porosity and electrochemical properties of reservoir rocks. The mathematical simulation indicates that the distribution of the periodical electroosmotic velocity is wavelike in the rock pore. The greater the porosity, the greater electroosmotic Darcy velocity and the smaller electroosmotic pressure coefficient are generated. The module value of the electroosmotic Darcy velocity and the electroosmotic pressure coefficient increase with the decreasing solution concentration or the increasing cation exchange capacity without affecting the phase of the electroosmotic Darcy velocity.
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