1997 Vol. 18, No. 2

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The First-Order Approximation of Non-Kirchhoff-Love Theory for Elastic Circular Plate with Fixed Boundary under Uniform Surface Loading(Ⅱ)
Qian Weizhang
1997, 18(2): 95-103.
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Based upon the differntial equations and their related boundary conditions givenin the prerious papert[1], this poper finds the analytical solution of non-Kirchhoff-Lovetheory for elastic circular plate with fixed boundary conditions under uniform surfaceloading. However, for the sake of Saving conrputational work. the first orderapproximation theory can be further simplified in more rational bases.
A Semi-Inverse Algorithm in Application of Computer Algebra
Dai Shiqiang, Zang Hongming
1997, 18(2): 105-111.
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For the purpose of overcoming the difficulty of the so-called "intermediateexpression swell" in applying computer algebra, a semi-inverse algorithm is proposed.The order of seeking solutions for various problems is partly inverted, i. e., theintermediate expressions appearing in conrputation are frozen in the symbolic format first, and "unfrozen" till the formal expressions of final solulions are found out. Inthis way the overflow due to the shortage of saving space is avoided. The applicationsof the algorithm in the problems on nonllinear oscillation. dynamical optimization andinterfacial solilary waves are described. which show the effectiveness of the semi-inverse algorithm.
The Influence of Low-Frequency Varying Magnetic Field on the Pulsatile Flow in a Rigid Round Tube
Sun Dongning, Wu Wangyi
1997, 18(2): 113-118.
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In this paper, the analvtic solution of the dynamical equation of the pulsalile.flowin a rigid round tube under the low-frequency varymg magnetic field is obtained. Thevelocity distribution and the flow.mpedance are calculated. The results are valuablefor Understanding the influence of low-frequency varymg magnetic field on hemodynamics and its clinical application.
Nonlinear Theory of Multilayer Sandwich Shells and Its Application (Ⅱ)-Fundamental Equations for Orthotropic Shallow Shells
Wu Jiancheng, Pan Lizhou
1997, 18(2): 119-129.
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This paper applied the simplified theory for multilayer sandwich shells undergoing moderate/small rotations in Ref. [1] to shallow shells. The equilibrium equations and boundary conditions of large deflction of orthotropic and the special case, isotropicshells, are presented.
Existence of Solutions for Generalized Quasi-Variational Like Inequalities
Ding Xieping
1997, 18(2): 131-139.
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In this paper, some existence theorems of solutions for a class of generalizedquasi-variational-like inequalities with discontinuous mappings are proved underparacompact setting in topological vector spaces. These theorems unify, improve andgeneralize many recent results.
The Study of Sabot-Discarding Mechanism of Gas-Propelled APDS
Feng Suwei, Zang Guocai
1997, 18(2): 141-146.
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With the advantages of simpler Structure, smaller disturbance and no self-hurt while discarding sabot, the gas-propelled amor-piercing projectile with discarding sabot (APDS) owns its promissing prospect. This paper has studied the gas-filling and ejecting characteristics between the gas chamber in sabot and the environment. Adynamical model describing the sabot-discarding process has been establihed. Theauthors have also given the slarting condition and the parting criterion of the partingmotion during the sabot-discarding. The motion of the gaspropelled APDS has beencarefully calculated Finally, the effect of the gashole area has been analyzed not onlyon the pressure in the gas chamber near the barrel exit, but also on the sabot-discarding time and distance away from the barrel.
Coordinates of Principal Stresses for Elastic Plane Problem
Huang Minfeng
1997, 18(2): 147-152.
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In this paper, the equilibrium equations on orlhogonal curve coordinates made of curves of principal stresses are disscused and their properties in process of solution arepresented through a simple example. Therefore, it is deduced that there is another way to solve problems in elasticity, i.e., by assumption of orthogonal curves of principal stresses.
A Calculation Method to the Perturbation of a Satellite Caused by the Gravitation Field of the Earth
Zheng Wenhu
1997, 18(2): 153-160.
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In this paper, with the application of the Delauney variables, according to the Hamilton equations, the influence on the perturbation of a satellite exerted by the gravitational force of the earth through canonical transformation has been found out. As a resull, the equation about how the position and velocity of the satellite vary with time is deduced.
The Asymptotic Solution to the Antiplane Shear Dynamic Crack-Tip Field in an Elastic Strain-Softening Viscoplastic Material
Li Fanchun, Qi Hui
1997, 18(2): 161-167.
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The elastic strain sofening-viscoplastic model is given in this paper. Using this model, the asymptotic stress and strain equations surrounding the tip of a propagating crack are given and numerical results are obtained under antiplane shear. The analysis and calculation show that at the crack tip the Strain possesses logarithmic singularity(In(R/r))1/(n+1) while the stress is like (In(R/r))-n/(n+1), therefore theasymptotic behaviour of the elastic strain-sofening viscoplastic field is revealed underthe antiplane shear.
The Analytic Theory of the Temperature Fields of Bituminous Pavement over Semi-Rigid Roadbase
Wu Ganchang
1997, 18(2): 169-176.
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Based on the fundamental principles of,meteorology and thermodynamics, the calculation theory of the nonlinear Unstable pavement temperature fields of two-dimension layered system by analytic theory is established and the calculation methods of surface tenrperature, ground temperature and temperature distribution along the thickness under different climate conditions are put forward respectively.
A Verigin Problem with Kinetic Condition
Xu Longfeng
1997, 18(2): 177-184.
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In this paper a Verigin problem with kinetic condition is considered The existence and uniqueness of a classical solulion locally in time of this problem are obtained.
Caristi Type Hybrid Fixed Point Theorems in Menger Probabilistic Metric Space
Shi Chuan
1997, 18(2): 185-192.
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This paper brings forward the concept of Caristi type hybrid fixed point in M-PM-space, by giving two hybrid fixed point theorems and two common hybrid fixedpoint theorems of sequences of set-valued mappings, the theorenms inprove and generalize the Caristis fixed point and correspond to recent important results.