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Founded in 1980 by CHIEN Wei-zang, a celebrated Chinese scientist in mechanics and mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics was a quarterly in the beginning, a bimonthly the next year, and then a monthly ever since 1985. It carries original research papers on mechanics, mathematical methods in mechanics and applied mathematics closely related to modern mechanics. Facing the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the obvious trend such as intellectualization, new energy, ecological green. The journal pays more attention to the mathematical basis theory of AI, mechanics plus information network, new energy, new materials, life science, ecological science, medicine and other cross fields. We are making due contributions to the development of new production capacity and promoting the development of new talents.

1 Type of contribution

According to the subject classification of applied mathematics and mechanics, multiple columns are set up in each issue including Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Interdisciplinary mechanics, Dynamics and Control, General Mechanics and Applied Mathematics. 1 to 3 columns can be arranged in each issue according to the situation of manuscripts from the author. The articles in each column can be composed of Reviews, Research papers and Research Brief.


Combined with the application prospect and personal work, the research hotspots and frontier topics of applied mathematics and mechanics are reviewed.

Research papers: 

Report innovative research results.

Research Brief: 

Report the innovative research results in different stages.

2 Submission method

All articles are published on the website of the Editorial Office of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics ( ). It is recommended to submit manuscript in WORD format or PDF format ( PDF format should be complete and anonymous ). In principle, contribution in paper form is not accepted.

3 Submission process

3.1 New user registration

Click the "author login" under the "online submission and review system" column on the homepage of the website. Enter and register new users according to the prompts on the page. After registration, you will receive an email asking for confirmation. Please click the hyperlink in the letter to activate your new account. E-mail account is very important. It is the certificate for you to log in to the system. Please fill in it correctly.

3.2 Contribution

After logging into the contribution system, click the "contribution" button under the "contribution management" column, add relevant information according to the page prompt to complete the submission operation. Please read the author's guide carefully and submit your manuscript according to the requirements.

3.3 Manuscript inquiry

After submission, you can log into the website, enter the "manuscript query" page under the "manuscript management" column, and query the manuscript status by the manuscript number or title, so you can understand the processing status of the manuscript and other information about the manuscript.

3.4 Manuscript revision

Before the editorial department processes the manuscript, you can modify the manuscript information at any time on the "manuscript query" page. Once the manuscript is processed, you can modify it only after the editorial department returns your manuscript for retreat. When submitting a revised manuscript, click the "upload / download revised manuscript" submenu under the "manuscript management" column to find the manuscript corresponding to the manuscript number, then upload it back through the "upload revised manuscript" function after modifying the return comments. Please do not use the submission function to submit this manuscript again, otherwise it will be regarded as a new manuscript, and the existing review results will be invalid, which will delay the review of your manuscript.

4 Review process

The average period from receiving papers to publishing online will be about 4 months, while the average period of publishing in paper form will be about 6 months. Once accepted for publication, the paper will be published on CNKI and our website within 2 weeks.

5 Copyright description

Our journal has the exclusive right to publish the articles in paper form, by network and other ways (including other network publishing systems agreed with the magazine). The author should ensure the manuscript does not violate any existing copyright agreement and undertakes to bear the liability for any breach of the agreement. If you have any special requirements, please explain it at the time of submission. Please refer to "notes to contributions".

6 Network first

In the working process of the editorial department, the manuscript from adoption to publication must undergo the stages of finalisation, typesetting and whole compilation. Employment finalization refers to the manuscript that has been determined and approved for publication through peer review and final examination by the editor-in-chief. After the employment of the final version, typesetting and finalization refers to the manuscripts that have been typeset according to the specific format of the Journal (including the network presentation format).The publication year, volume, period and page number can be uncertain temporarily. 

The final stage of the whole compilation means that the year, volume, period and page number of the manuscripts in the whole issue have been determined. The contents of the first online accepted manuscript must conform to the relevant regulations of the publication management regulations and the regulations on periodical publication management. The academic research results should be innovative, scientific and advanced and meet the recruitment requirements of the editorial department for publication. There is no academic misconduct and other violations. The contents of the manuscripts should basically conform to the technical standards of the country for editing and publishing books and periodicals. 

Pay attention to the correct use and unified standardization of language, symbols, numbers, foreign letters, legal units of measurement and map marking, etc. In order to ensure the seriousness of the online launch of the employment finalization, once the employment finalization is published, the title, author, organization name and academic content of the paper shall not be modified, and only a few words can be modified based on the editing specification.

7 Confirmation of publication

The editorial department of paper journal has signed a contract with China Academic Journal (CD-ROM version) electronic magazine Co., Ltd. To establish an online version consistent with the content of the paper journal on the publishing and communication platform of China Academic Journal (network version), and publish the recruitment, typesetting and compilation of the paper in the form of single article or whole issue before printing and publishing.

Since Chinese Academic Journal (Network Edition) is a continuous network publication approved by the National Radio and Television Administration (ISSN 2096-4188, CN 11-6037/z), the first online paper on the network edition of the signed journals is regarded as official publication.

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