1998 Vol. 19, No. 12

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The Hybrid Control of Vibration of Thin Plate with Active Constrained Damping Layer
Zhang Xinong, Zhang Jinghui
1998, 19(12): 1035-1048.
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This paper concerns in the active and passive hybricl control of vibration of the thin plate with Local Active Cunstrained damping Layer(LACL).The governing equations of system are formalated based on the consituative equations of elostie riscoelastic,piezaoelectric materials.Gaterkin method and GHM method are employed to transform partial differential equations into ordinary ones with a lower dimension.LQR method of classical conrrol theory is used in simulating calculation.Numeral results sbow that the active and passive hybrid control manner obtained in this paper is a better one for ribration control of the plate.
A Divided Region Variational Principle of A,φ-Ω Method for 3-D Eddy Current Problems
Zhao Xinghua, Shi Zhanwei
1998, 19(12): 1049-1054.
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In this paper,a divided region variational principle to solve 3-D eddy current problems was given.It adopts the magnetic vector potential A and the electric scalar potential φ in the eddy current regions and the source regions,and the magnetic scalar potential Ω in the non-conducting regions(air gap).Using variation of the functional all governing equations in various regions,the natural boundary conditions and the interface continuity conditions which satify electromagnetic continuity are obtained.
On the Degree Theory for Multivalued(S+) Type Mappings
Liu Zhenhai, Zhang Shisheng
1998, 19(12): 1055-1062.
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This paper is to generalize the results of Zhang and Chen[1].We constract a topological degree for a class of mappings of the form F=L+S where L is closed densety defined maximal monotone operator and S is a nonlinear multivalued map of class(S+) with respect to the domain of L.
Mass Transport in Solid Tumors(Ⅱ)——Drug Delivery
Lei Xiaoxiao, Wu Wangyi, Wen Gongbi, Chen Jianguo
1998, 19(12): 1063-1070.
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Based on the flow field solution of the three-porous-medium model for tumor microcirculation,the diffusion-convection equations are solved with varions initial and boundary conditions using finite element method.The concentration profile of two therapeutic agents immunoglobulin G(lgG) and its antigen-binding fragment(Fab) in blood,lymph and intersitial flaid are obtained for normal-tissue-surrounded tumor.The effect of tumor microvasculature,lymph function,drug injection mode,the molecular weight and binding kinetics of the drug on the distribution in tumors are considered.
The Wild Solutions of the Induced Form under the Spline Wavelet Basis in Weakly Damped Forced KdV Equation
Lin Yurui, Tian Lixin, Liu Zengrong
1998, 19(12): 1071-1076.
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In the paper what is studied is the wild solution of the induced from under the spline wavelet basis in weakly damped forced KdV equation.
Nonlinear Normal Modes and Their Superposition in a Two Degrees of Freedom Asymmetric System with Cubic Nonlinearities
Xu Jian, Lu Qishao, Huang Kelei
1998, 19(12): 1077-1086.
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This paper investigates nonlinear normal modes and their superposition in a two degrees of freedom asymmetric system with cubic nonlinearities for all nonsingular conditions,based on the invariant subspace in nonlinear normal modes for the nonlinear equations of motion.The focus of attention is to consider relation between the validity of superposition and the static bifurcation of modal dynamics.The numerical results show that the validity has something to do not only with its local restriction,but also with the static bifurcation of modal dynamics.
On the Multiple-Attractor Coexisting System with Parameter Uncertainties Using Generalized Cell Mapping Method
Gong Pulin, Xu Jianxue
1998, 19(12): 1087-1094.
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In this paper the generalized cell mapping(GCM) method is used to study multiple-attractor coexisting system with parameter uncertainties.The effects that the uncertain parameters has on the global properties of the system are presentes.And it is obtained that the attraetor with much smaller value of protect thickness,will disappear firsthy with the degree of the uncertainty of parameter increasing.
Hyperbolic Lagrangian Functions
Yu Xuegang
1998, 19(12): 1095-1100.
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Hyperbolic complex numbers correspond with Minkowski geometry.The hyperbolic Lagrangian equation and the Hamilton-Jacobi equation will be derived from the invariants of four-dimensional space-time intervals and hyperbolic Lorente transformations.
Exact Solutions in 1+1 Dimensions of the General Two-Velocity Discrete Illner Model
Lü Xianqing, Mei Shengwei, Li Minshan
1998, 19(12): 1101-1106.
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The Illner,model is the most general two-velocity model of the discrete Boltoman equation.It includes,as particular cases,both the Carleman and the MeKean model.Exact solutions in 1+1 dunensions of the general two-velocity discrete Illner model can be studied in a concise way.The conclusions of the precursors need anredliorating.A new type of exact solutions in 1+1 dimensions is obtained.This gives a general method for studying non-trivial exact solutions for the similar discrete Boltzmann equation.
On the Perturbational Global Attractivity of Nonautomous Delay Differential Equations
Luo Jiaowan, Liu Zaiming
1998, 19(12): 1107-1111.
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Consider the perturbed nonautonomous linear delay differential equation x>(t)=-a(t)x(t-τ)+F(t,xt),t≥0(*)Wherext(s)=x(t+s) for-δ≤s≤0.Suppose thata(t)C((0,∞),(0,∞)),τ≥0,F:[0,∞)×C[-δ,0]→Ris a continous functions and F(t,0)≡0.HereC[-δ,0]is the space of continuous functions Φ[-δ,0]→Rwith||Φ||<Hfor the norm where|·|is any norm in R and 0<H≤+∞.
A Class of Wilson Arbitrary Quadrilateral Elements for an Axisymmetric Problem
Gao Yan
1998, 19(12): 1112-1117.
Abstract(1970) PDF(703)
A class of modified Wilson arbitrary quadrilateral nonconforming elements for an axisynmetrie problem is proposed.Their convergence is proven by means of the strong patch test.The structure of this finite element class is investigated,Thus a general method of axisymmetrie nonconforming elements with convergence properties is presented.
A Self-Consistent Analysis for Coupled Elastoplastic Damage Problems
Huang Mojia, Fu Mingfu, H. Bufler
1998, 19(12): 1119-1126.
Abstract(1924) PDF(570)
Based on irreversible thermodynamics and internal state variable theory,the volnme-averaged Clausius-Duhem inequality is presented,In contrast to former investigations on damage-elastoplasticity,our evalustions are founded on the volume-averaged field equations of the analyzed elements and the self-consistent method.Hence,our results not only include the influence of void shapes but also consider the interaction among voids.Further,previous work about coupled elastoplastic damage problems only takes into account small initial void volume fractions.Our work,however,will be able to deal with elastoplastic damage problems with larger initial void volume fractions.