1999 Vol. 20, No. 7

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The Dynamic Coupling of Left Ventricle and Systemic Arteries
Wu Wangyi, Dai Guohao, Wen Gongbi
1999, 20(7): 661-674.
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Cardiovascular system is a complex interactive system.The study of ventriculo-arterial coupling can be greatly helpful to reveal the mechanism and regularity of cardiovascular system diseases.The dynamic process of the ventriculoarterial coupling is considered making use of E(t)-R model for the left ventricle and T-Y tube model for the arterial tree.The predicted pressure and flow wave-forms agree well with the experimental data.The effects of the SA and LV properties on the LV/SA function and the optimal coupling of ventriculo-arterial are also discussed.The results have clinical significance.
Basic Equations, Theory and Principles of Computational Stock Market(Ⅱ) Basic Principles
Yun Tianquan
1999, 20(7): 675-681.
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In this paper three basic principles for computational stock market are proposed namely, the Nearest-Time Principle(NTP),the Following Tendency Principle(FTP),and the Variational Principle on Difference of Supply and Demand(VPDSD).The issue,expression,mathematical description and applications of these principles are stated.These applications involve the use in neural networks,basic equations of computational stock market,and the prediction of equilibrium price of stocks etc.
On Radii of Absorbing Sets for Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
Wang Guanxiang, Liu Zengrong
1999, 20(7): 682-690.
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In this article sharper estimates on the radii of absorbing sets for the Kuramoto-sivashinsky equation are given.It is proved that radii of absorbing sets will decay to zero as the coefficient of viscosity tends to a certain critical value,which is more reasonable in the physical sence compared with classical results.
A Spectral Streamline Diffusion Finite Element Coupled Method of Unsteady Transport Equation in the Field of Neutron Logging
Mei Liquan
1999, 20(7): 691-698.
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In this paper,a new numerical method,the coupling method of spherical harmonic function spectral and streamline diffusion finite element method for unsteady Boltzmann equation in the neutron logging field is discussed,and the convegrence and error estimations of this scheme are proved.It.s applications in the field of neutron logging show it.s effectiveness.
On the Oscillation of Solutions of Hyperbolic Partial Functional Differential Equations
Wang Peiguang, Ge Weigao
1999, 20(7): 699-706.
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In this paper,the oscillation of solutions of hyperbolic partial functional differential equations is studied,and oscillatory criteria of solutions with three kinds of boundary conditions are obtained.
γ-p-Sa-Sm-N Surface Theory and Two-Dimensional Reliability Miner Rule for Fatigue Reliability-Based Design
Xiong Junjiang, Wu Zhe, Gao Zhentong
1999, 20(7): 707-712.
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First of all,the concept of γ-p-Sa-Sm-N(confidence level-reliadility-stress amplitude-stress mean)surface is presented.Then the formulas of p-Sa-Sm-N surface and γ-p-Sa-Sm-N surface are derived.In addition,fatigue strength distribution function and two-dimensional reliability Miner rule are obtained.At last,a example is given.
New Points of View on the Nonlocal Field Theory and Their Applications to the Fracture Mechanics(Ⅱ) Re-Discuss Nonlinear Constitutive Equations of Nonlocal Thermoelastic Bodies
Huang Zaixing
1999, 20(7): 713-720.
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In this paper,nonlinear constitutive equations are deduced strictly according to the constitutive axioms of rational continuum mechanics.The existing judgements are modified and improved. The results show that the constitutive responses of nonlocal thermoelastic body are related to the curvature and higher order gradient of its material space,and there exists an antisymmetric stress whose average value in the domain occupied by thermoelastic body is equal to zero.The expressions of the antisymmetric stress and the nonlocal residuals are given.The conclusion that the directions of thermal conduction and temperature gradient are consistent is reached.In addition,the objectivity about the nonlocal residuals and the enrgy conservation law of nonlocal field is discussed briefly,and a formula for calculating the nonlocal residuals of energy changing with rigid motion of the spatial frame of reference is derived.
Iterative Method on Large Deflection Nonlinear Problem of Laminated Composite Shallow Shells and Plates
Yin Bangxin
1999, 20(7): 721-728.
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Based on result by Wang,in this paper the iterative method is presented for the research of large deflection nonlinear problem of laminated composite shallow shells and plates.The rectangular laminated composite shallow shells have been analyzed.The results have been compared with the small deflection linear analytical solution and finite element nonlinear solution.The results proved that the solution coincide with small deflection linear analytical solution in the condition of a little loads and finite element nonlinear solution in the condition of large loads.
Probabilistic Norm of Operators and Resonance Theorems
Xiao Jianzhong, Zhu Xinghua
1999, 20(7): 729-736.
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In this paper,a simplified definition of boundedness of the sets in probabilistic normed linear space was introduced.By means of the probabilistic norm of linear operators,the linear operator theory on probabilistic normed linear space was further studied.On probabilistic normed linear operator space,some resonance theorems dealing with probabilistic bounded sets,probabilistic semi-bounded sets,and probabilistic non-unbounded sets are obtained.
The High Accuracy Explicit Difference Scheme for Solving Parabolic Equations 3-Dimension
Sun Honglie
1999, 20(7): 737-742.
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In this paper,an explicit three-level symmetrical differencing scheme with parameters for solving parbolic partial differential equation of three-dimension will be considered.The stability condition and local truncation error for the scheme are r<1/2 and O(Δt2+Δx4+Δy4+Δz4),respectively.
Fuzzy Stochastic Variable and Variational Principle
Yang Lufeng, Li Guiqing
1999, 20(7): 743-748.
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In this paper the peaky fuzzy stochastic variable and its mean of real value were proposed besed on the concept of fuzzy probability.Fuzziness and randomness were introduced into the functional of overall potential energy.So the fuzzy stochastic variational principle and its application were presented by means of perturbation method.
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to the Dynamic Equations for Koiter Shells
Xiao Liming
1999, 20(7): 749-755.
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In this paper the dynamic equations for Koiter shells by Galerkin method have been studied,and the existence and uniqueness to the solutions are got.
Free Boundary Problem of Non-Steady State Seepage Flow
Sun Ying, Guo Xiaoming, She Yinghe
1999, 20(7): 756-760.
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Along with the vigorous developing construction,the number of various underground engineerings is greatly increasing,such as the foundations of dams and high-rise dmultistored hauses,the subways and the tunnels,the water and oil wells etc.,where the close attention is always paid to the seepage behaviour in the media around the structures.In Appl.Math Mech.1996,17(6),the variational inequality formulation and its FEM solution for the free boundary problem of 2D steady state seepage flow was given by She Yinghe et al.In this paper a further investigation is made on the non-steady state seepage problem,by taking the seepage flow of wells as an example.The presented approach——variational inequality and its FEM solution——is also very beneficial to the non-steady state problems,where the transient free boundary can also be defined directly without conventional iterations.
Problem of the Periodic Welding of Anisotropic Elastic Plane with Different Materials
Huang Minhai
1999, 20(7): 761-766.
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In this paper,the problem of the periodic welding of an anisotropic elastic half-plane and a strip with different materials is discussed.By means of plane elastic complex variable method and theory of boundary value problems for analytic function,the stress distribution is given in closed forms.
The Logic Conservation of Compositions Between Panweighted Networks and Panweighted Fields and Their Application in ANN
Wu Chen
1999, 20(7): 767-770.
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In the paper several definitions of composing panweighted networks and panweighted fields are given,a group of theorems about the logic conservation of compositions between panweighted networks and panweighted fields are proved.By combining the average field model,the future application of panweighted networks and panweighted fields in ANN is discussed.