LUO Wanqing, LI Haiyan, LIANG Jianhan. Simulation of 2-Phase Flow in the Nozzle of the ArcHeated Wind Tunnel Based on the Eulerian-Lagrangian Model[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2020, 41(1): 16-26. doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.400214
Citation: LUO Wanqing, LI Haiyan, LIANG Jianhan. Simulation of 2-Phase Flow in the Nozzle of the ArcHeated Wind Tunnel Based on the Eulerian-Lagrangian Model[J]. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2020, 41(1): 16-26. doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.400214

Simulation of 2-Phase Flow in the Nozzle of the ArcHeated Wind Tunnel Based on the Eulerian-Lagrangian Model

doi: 10.21656/1000-0887.400214
  • Received Date: 2019-07-15
  • Rev Recd Date: 2019-08-05
  • Publish Date: 2020-01-01
  • Due to the ablation of the electrode during the heating of test gas in the arc-heated wind tunnel, some tiny metal particles enter the nozzle to form gas-particle 2-phase flow, of which the effect is worthy of attention on the flow field in the nozzle and the heat load on the model of the test section. The computation efficiency of the particle tracking algorithm was improved through modification of the time step, with the gas-phase flow and the particle-phase flow coupled based on the conservation law of momentum and energy. By means of the Eulerian-Lagrangian model, a numerical simulation method for the gas-particle 2-phase flow inside the nozzle was established under specific simplification, and some typical examples were simulated and analyzed. The research shows that, under the same particle mass fraction, the smaller the particle size is, the more uniform the flow field downstream of the nozzle will be. If the mass fraction of the particle phase is small, it will has little effect on the flow field parameters of the nozzle outlet. This work lays a foundation for further study of the 2-phase flow field characteristics inside the arc-heated wind tunnel.
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